Red Lobster (family night out Daytona Beach)

My family and I recently went on a little summer vacay to Daytona Beach where we had so much fun. It was much needed as my husband was over worked and my kids were tired of being inside the house. We didn’t do much this summer because of a major surgery I had and it was stressful for the whole family. So once I got clearance from my Dr. I booked us a hotel and the next week we were off to enjoy some fun in the sun. While there we visited Red Lobster which I hadn’t been to in about 2 years. It’s always overly packed in our hometown and the wait is usually about an hour or more. So while we were in Daytona we decided to try it out. I hadn’t eaten seafood in a very long time and I really enjoyed it. Salmon with mashed potatoes which had lobster meat in it and also a side of broccoli and half side of snow king crab legs. I must say I over ate alittle bit but hey I was on vacation right 😉 what better time to over indulge in something I hadn’t eaten in awhile. I also forgot to mention the awesome crab cakes I had as a side as well. 


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