Family Night (Carrabbas Italian Grill ) 

Hi everyone , This past friday my family and I decided to head out to Carrabbas Italian Grill 😀 . I really wasn’t to hungry so I decided to order lettuce wraps which is basically an appetizer but I ordered it in place of my entree. My kids were the ones who really wanted to get out of the house and well one of our favorite things to do of course is to eat out. I also ordered a peach belini to go with my small plate. The lettuce wraps were so good and my kids enjoyed their food as well.They pretty much ordered pizza so I guess you can never go wrong with that. The service was fast and our waiter was very polite and patient. We made sure to leave him a big tip. I’m not sure what kind of sauce they use on their lettuce wraps but it was amazing. If not for the sauce I’m not sure I would’ve liked it. But this is a great inexpensive choice for someone who doesn’t want to eat a full plate of food and may not have a lot of money. They were only $6.00 . I had a fun night and the kids enjoyed their food as well. What’s your favorite Italian restaurant? Be sure to comment below. 


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