Family Night (Olive Garden) 

My husband and I recently decided to take the kids out with us to Olive Garden. Which by the way is becoming one of my favorite places to dine. My oldest son loves it there so much we ate there for his 9th bday back in December. So I guess you could say that it is becoming a family favorite 😊. We had a blast that night and I had a tad bit too much wine and ate way to much which up’d the price on our bill but me and my husband ended up spliting the check. I love the environment and once again it’s a place that doesn’t have any sports playing on the screen so it kind of forces you to actually engage in conversation. My kids really enjoyed themselves and we just had fun as awhole. Now here’s the kicker lol. Because of my wine tasting that night I can not remember the name of my dish lol. But I can tell you that it was delicious. I hadn’t had shrimp in awhile but decided to go ahead that night and try it along with some pasta.What’s your favorite dish from Olive Garden or favorite family restaurant? Be sure to comment below.


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